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The Professional Development System (PDS)

The Professional Development System (PDS) ensures that every student is enabled to produce exceptional results in all areas and be successful as a professional and as a human being. The purpose of this system is to create "high achievers".

  The system consists of three components.

  The Program

The Program is continuously evolving to provide inputs that are required to produce high achievers. The program is designed to make students competent to do the job while maintaining high levels of energy and focus to achieve outstanding results.

  The Process

The Process is the mechanism for ensuring that the inputs provided by the program above are converted into performance. This is achieved by providing the theoretical inputs as pre-work before class, ensuring each class creates an ability to do by means of demonstrations and activities, assessing and providing feedback to each student with the objective of enhancing growth and providing coaching inputs to help students achieve threshold performance.

   The People

The People are the program managers, instructors, trainers, assessors, content managers, coaches, mentors & council members who ensure that the Program and the Process are continuously upgraded and are executed rigorously. Each of them are experts in their own profession and have a track record of achieving results. In addition to this they have a deep understanding of the process and the objectives that the program aims to achieve. They are at the core and the most important part of the PDS.

WLCI’s Unique Professional Development Process:

   Pre Study:

Across all curricula, well-researched, comprehensive self-study material is provided which consists of relevant and industry endorsed knowledge. Going through the self-study, a student can develop conceptual knowledge-base enabling him/her to derive optimal learning from the related workshop.


This is the most unique form of delivering practical knowledge and probably WLCI is the only management institute that imparts critical knowledge and skills in such an effective manner. This workshop is a balanced mix of conceptual knowledge gained and application to real-life business situations through various relevant activities.

   On the job learning:

Once a student chooses his profession/sub-profession, he or she is placed as a trainee with reputed organizations, enabling them to apply their newly acquired skills in a real-business environment. This is the most significant factor in the PDS and helps develop hands-on skills in addition to industry experience. With the resulting exposure to the latest industry practices and developments, a student can plan and create a more informed career-path.


We do not test, we assess. By being non-judgemental, WLCI follows a unique assessment mechanism that ensures continuous monitoring and development of the student in the right direction. The objective of the assessment cycle focuses on identifying weaknesses and addressing them on a parallel time-line according to a mutually agreed plan.


A systematic approach to professional development also involves one-on-one interactions between the student and the coach. The interaction aims to identify weaknesses in personal, professional as well as traineeship areas and create a workable, mutually agreed action plan. Coaching helps students channelize their efforts in the right direction, unlock their potential and become achievers.